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  • {255}{1271}Highly Compressed Movie Bunny|Ripped By : spy2net [S2N]
    {1286}{1318}His name is Somaraju
    {1321}{1366}He came to Vizag three years ago
    {1370}{1469}But he is the talk of the town|3 lakhs of Vizag people talk only about him
    {1472}{1517}All port contracts go to him
    {1520}{1593}To move anything from here|his permission is a must
    {1774}{1837}Don't show interest|in this port contract business
    {1842}{1893}I had kiIIed 20 peopIe for this
    {1898}{1933}Don't be the 21 in that Iist
    {1942}{1993}I have aIso kiIIed 2 to|3 persons recentIy sir!
    {2018}{2057}These are aII common in business sir!
    {2062}{2113}It's getting Iate for my train, Bye!
    {2196}{2245}He is going to Hyderabad|to bid for the tender
    {2249}{2297}-In which train?|-Godavari
  • {2300}{2333}Make a caII to Mysamma
    {2382}{2462}His name is Mysammma!|Right hand for Somaraju in Hyderabad
    {2466}{2513}He'll do whatever that man commands
    {2518}{2569}Ok brother!|Forget about it
    {2582}{2645}-What is the arrivaI time of|Godavari express? -At 5:30 a.m.
    {2662}{2725}Don't booze tonight|We have a work tomorrow morning
    {2762}{2897}The death shouId be terribIe|and nobody shouId have ..
    {2938}{3053}. . .the guts again to do that to Bhavani!
    {3094}{3121}..or even think about it
    {3142}{3181}Brother! Train has arrived
    {3854}{3933}No one shouId identify the corpse
    {4022}{4091}This baby's name is Mahalakshmi|Daughter of Somaraju
    {4094}{4162}She is everything to him. His loves|his daughter so dearly like...
    {4186}{4233}-I don't want that!|-Then what do you want?
  • {4270}{4313}I want that doII dad
    {4316}{4381}My daughter Iikes this doII!|Give it to me
    {4385}{4408}My baby aIso Iikes this
    {4434}{4469}Why don't you buy another one?
    {4472}{4501}Why can't you do that?
    {4670}{4721}Did you refuse to give the doII|when Somaraju brother asked?
    {4738}{4786}He asked me to bring the doII|after kiIIing you
    {4810}{4870}WiII you give this or wiII you die?
    {4943}{4985}This girI is now 18 years oId
    {4988}{5041}Studying in BuIIaiah CoIIage in Vizag
    {5314}{5401}Pour here!
    {5406}{5469}Try it once
    {5486}{5525}Come on
    {5530}{5593}-What is your name?|-Vasantha,Which 'Santha'?(Market)
  • {5602}{5642}What is your father?
    {5646}{5733}My father in Iaw is a ConstabIe|I need not buy VegetabIes
    {5736}{5789}Don't faII in Iove for the sake|of vegetabIes. This girI is not beautifuI
    {5898}{5941}I have heard that girIs|not so beautifuI study weII
    {5945}{5968}Look at me
    {5974}{6033}Study weII and get a good job
    {6038}{6137}Because I am a Iazy feIIow|You shouId take care for me after marriage
    {6150}{6193}Study weII! Go
    {6286}{6309}MahaIakshmi has come!
    {6810}{6857}Why everyone is scared seeing you?
    {6902}{6953}Without a guy Iooking at you|your beauty is futiIe!
    {7070}{7129}-Has she gone?|-Yes
    {7178}{7217}DaiIy she makes us tense!
    {7266}{7301}-Write a Iove Ietter|to her -Me?
  • {7306}{7345}You write, we can send|it through some one
    {7561}{7593}I have written it|Who wiII give this to her?
    {7610}{7654}Whoever enters the gate first!
    {7754}{7781}He wiII die
    {8014}{8045}Who is this Iucky feIIow?
    {8446}{8485}Come here
    {8526}{8557}-What is your name?|-Bunny, brother!
    {8560}{8597}-Are you new to|this coIIege? -Yes
    {8614}{8678}Give this Ietter to that girI MahaIakshmi!
    {8682}{8729}-Why?|-This is ragging
    {8734}{8785}That means, what peopIe|do earIy morning in parks?
    {8790}{8861}That is jogging|-What is meant by ragging?
    {8865}{8921}You wiII understand|when you give this Ietter to MahaIakshmi
    {9002}{9045}He is finished
  • {9090}{9141}Who is MahaIakshmi here?
    {9238}{9289}You are too beautifuI,|you must be MahaIakshmi-Take this-
    {9350}{9377}-Get Iost from here|-Take this
    {9380}{9453}If you won't take this, they'II beat me
    {9455}{9497}I toId you, they'II beat me, take it
    {9534}{9585}-Listen to what I say|-Listen to what I say
    {9622}{9681}-Are you giving a Ietter?|-This Ietter is. . ..
    {9758}{9821}Don't stop me!|You don't know anything
    {9824}{9858}Listen to me!
    {9870}{9929}Whoever stops me|I'II break his Iegs
    {9932}{9981}-I think he is finished|-Brother- They are beating me
    {10019}{10065}WiII not they beat,|if you give a Iove Ietter? Why brother?
    {10094}{10157}They are coming brother!|TeII them pIease
    {10170}{10213}Nothing wiII happen|if you get few bIows
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